What's the Difference Between Car Restoration and Refurbishment?

Do you hunger for the old days when a car could be considered to be a work of art, each one stood out from the next and motoring was more a pleasure than a chore? It may have been some time since you truly enjoyed driving your vehicle and actually planned a weekend drive simply to get behind the wheel rather than to go to a particular destination. Maybe you need to go back in time and find one of those "special" cars, so that you can bring it back up to its former glory and rekindle your passion once again. You need to start looking, as this can be quite a process, but you also want to make sure that you do the job right and will need to bring in a particular type of specialist to help you. Why do you need to be careful with your terminology as you seek such a partner?

Planning Your Project

There are many organisations in your area who may be able to help you fix the classic car that you found underneath a cover in somebody's barn. Almost without doubt, this type of vehicle will be in a poor state of repair, especially as its owner had not appreciated its value to somebody like yourself. Yet after some negotiation, you've handed over some money and have trailered this vehicle back to your own premises. Now you need to get down to the work and bring in those experts to help you.

It's All in a Word

However, you do need to be aware of the services offered and, specifically, whether one company will help you achieve your goal or only get you part of the way there. In essence, you need to understand the difference between refurbishment and restoration, as in the world of the classic car, these can be polar opposites.

Restoration Is In

If you really want to add value to your project and make the car as authentic as possible, then you must make sure that you restore it and never resort to refurbishment. When a car is restored, it should be stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up according to the specifications laid down by the original manufacturer. Don't make the mistake of trying to add any improvements at this stage because this will completely invalidate any restoration, if you want this work to be truly authentic.

Refurbishment Is Out

Some organisations will suggest that you refurbish the vehicle, as this is a lot easier and may make the end result look acceptable. However, this may often be rather cosmetic and will be just half a job in the eyes of a true automotive enthusiast.

Get to Work

As you can see, this car is going to need a lot of work starting with the body, which is in particularly bad shape. Ensure that you only get a restoration expert to help you and politely decline the offer of anyone who would rather talk about refurbishment. For more information, contact a local car body restoration company. 

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