3 Typical Reasons Why Truck Wheels Become Misalignment

Truckers spend several hours solo-driving. If they happen to encounter any problem with their vehicles while on the road, they may be unable to continue with their journey, resulting in delayed customer deliveries. It is, therefore, imperative to keep long-haul trucks in good working order so as to avoid the inconveniences and financial loses that may result from delayed deliveries. 

One type of standard auto service that is crucial to ensuring that long-distance trucks operate safely and reliably is wheel alignment service. Wheel alignment service involves adjusting the angles of the wheels in order to minimise the rate at which the tyres and suspension parts wear and tear. Proper truck wheel alignment also helps maintain vehicle safety by ensuring that the tyres are kept straight with the surface of the road. But why do truck wheels get thrown out of alignment. Here are three typical reasons why.

Road obstacles

Truckers encounter numerous obstacles on the road, and the wheels do not get spared. When truck drivers hit potholes, run over speed bumps, or bump into concrete kerbs, they subject the wheels and suspension components to a sudden jolt or heavy impact, which has the potential to cause misalignment of the wheels. Truckers should try as much as possible to avoid road obstacles that they face every day, so as to keep their wheels correctly aligned. 

Road accidents

Road collision is another common reason why truck wheels may be thrown off alignment. Even though signs of wheel misalignment might not be noticeable immediately after the accident has taken place, they tend to exacerbate and become more complex over time. for that reason, it is a good idea for truckers to always have their wheels checked for correct alignment so as to avoid the problems that may crop up down the road.

Normal wear and tear of parts

As trucks age, parts like the shock absorbers, suspension springs, and ball and socket joints begin to become loose and/or overly worn. When this happens, it may cause a shift in wheel alignment, thus affecting the ability of the vehicle to run safely and reliably. For that reason, it is important for truckers to ensure that their suspension system is regularly serviced so as to tighten loose parts or replace any overly worn parts.

Contacting a qualified mechanic immediately you notice that there is something wrong with your wheels is a good way to ensure that truck wheel alignment problems do not spiral out of control. 

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