Things to Consider When You Order A Mobile Windshield Repair

The smallest pebble can cause a huge auto glass repair issue if it is traveling fast enough and hits the windshield. A small pebble and cause a break in the glass that splinters out and creates a vision issue. Knowing that, imagine what damage a larger item may cause. The issue with getting the windshield repaired may be your schedule. If you think you don't have the time to take your car in for a windshield repair, consider using a mobile service. If you do, consider these key points before they arrive on site:

Make Sure There is Space

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your car is parked in an area where there will be enough space for the mobile repair service to park and to complete the repair. This usually means just having a parking space size amount on either side of your car. If you are at university, consider parking at the end of the parking lot where few cars park. If you are at work, check with your employer for an area that may be best for the repair service and the mobile auto glass repair service.

Check Your Insurance and Warranty

Before you call the repair service, consider checking your auto insurance or auto warranty to see what may be covered by those options. In some cases, your auto insurance may cover basic windshield repair services. However, make sure that if your warranty or car insurance covers windshield repair they also cover mobile repair services. Also, ensure that the company you use accepts the insurance. If your insurance covers the repair, but not the mobile repair, you may still end up with the option of using the insurance for the repair and paying out of pocket for the mobile labour only.

Consider Upgrades to Your Windshield

When you have the mobile repair service arrive, they may offer you a variety of windshield options. For example, one of the options that are increasing in popularity is a hydrophobic auto glass. This glass repels water, which puts less stress and strain on your wiper blades and allows the water to just roll off the glass, causing reduced viewing issues. That being said, this may not be ideal if you are fine with using a solution in your windshield cleaner compartment that works much the same way and is cheaper. Just consider your options and choose according to what is ideal for you.

By keeping these three key points in mind, you can ensure you are getting this best option for mobile auto glass repair. If you aren't sure how much it may cost, or if your insurance or warranty is accepted, consider contacting your local mobile repair service for pricing and estimates.

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