What to Look For When Renting a Car on Holiday

If you're looking for a car for rent in the near future or for an upcoming holiday, you may need to be more careful about the type of vehicle you rent than if you need one for a business trip. Note what is meant by that, and what to look for when renting a car for a holiday trip versus a business trip.


If you're bringing sporting goods on holiday, such as skis or a bike, or know you'll be renting those pieces, don't assume you can just put them on the roof and tie them down. You may be legally required to have a roof rack to hold those types of items, and some racks won't fit every piece of equipment.

You also don't want to assume that an SUV, van, or other oversized vehicle will automatically be big enough for these pieces. Even if you have the same make and model of vehicle back home, your personal car or SUV may have folding seats or another feature not available on a rental; in turn, the rental may not have adequate storage space for larger, bulkier pieces. Always ask about trunk storage, clearance space in the back, and racks on the roof or trunk when you'll have sporting goods, oversized luggage, and other such pieces on holiday.

Heavy-duty suspension and tyres

If you plan on taking the vehicle to the beach or on any road that isn't paved, you may know to ask for a four-wheel-drive truck or SUV, as these are less likely to get stuck in soft sand and mud. However, you may also want to check on the suspension and tyres of your vehicle; a heavy-duty suspension will keep you more comfortable as you hit rough roads, and will also mean less chance of damaging the vehicle when you hit bumps and dips. Heavy-duty tyres with thick tread can also keep you more secure in mud, sand, snow, and other rough driving conditions.

Navigation system

When renting a car for business, you may only need it to get from the hotel to a nearby office complex and perhaps a restaurant in the evening. However, when you're on holiday, you may be heading out to different attractions that are difficult to find, or you may simply want to take a drive in the country. This can mean easily getting lost, or wasting time trying to find that destination or attraction. A good navigation system can keep you on the right road and also provide information about nearby attractions, restaurants, gas stations, and everything else you need for your holiday.

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