How to Choose the Right Caravan for You and Your Family

A caravan is a great choice for any individual or family, as owning a caravan means never having to worry about finding a hotel room when on holiday. You may also be more inclined to take some last-minute trips to a nearby campground when you have a caravan that is always available and ready for use! When you're ready to choose a new caravan, note a few tips that you don't want to overlook so you know you will get the best one for you and that you will be happy with it for years to come.

Consider your destination

When choosing the weight of a caravan, you may know to check the towing capacity of your vehicle, but you should also consider your typical destination. Are you the type who likes to travel long distances, even across the country, with your caravan? If so, you want something lightweight that won't reduce your fuel economy or cause too much drag and resistance when on the highway. On the other hand, you may prefer shorter trips and staying at campgrounds and caravan parks that are more rustic, with rough and uneven ground. In those cases, you want a heavier caravan with larger tyres that can easily handle those rough surfaces, and which will be less likely to bounce around or get stuck in mud and soft soil.

Setup and teardown

A popup or soft-top caravan can be very lightweight, but you'll need to set it up and then fold it back down every time you're on holiday, and this can sometimes be cumbersome. Hard-top caravans and heavier caravans may need chocks for tyres as well as more than one levelling jack to keep them in place. Inside the caravan, note whether you need to unfold bunk beds or slide out walls for furniture. Take all this added work into consideration when buying a caravan, and choose something that offers the size and space you need but which is still easily manageable for you.


Consider all the added toys and equipment you might bring with you on a standard holiday, and whether they can be easily stored in the caravan. It might be good to invest in one with a bike rack on the back or with added storage under the body of the caravan for your kayak, water skis, and other equipment. If you want to use an outdoor grill, opt for a caravan with space for propane tanks. This will ensure you always have everything you need for a great holiday with your new caravan.

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