3 Baby-Friendly Features Every Parent Should Look For Before Buying A New Car

If you have a baby or are expecting one, then buying a new car requires more planning then before because you need to consider some additional features. Instead of cool gadgets and speed limits, you're probably thinking of safety devices and bigger seating space. As a new or expecting parent, look for these baby-friendly features when buying new cars.

Seating In The Third Row

As an expectant or new parent, you probably don't need a third row when you simply plan on having one or two kids. The thought of buying bigger new cars with so many seats may not sound appealing now, but here is what you need to consider. When your child gets older, you're probably going to have to offer to drive some other kids to and from school or from some practice, just like another parent would do for you on days you are busy. As a result, having seating in the third row can come in handy. Instead of buying a smaller car now and replacing it later, you may as well invest in a long-term third-row-seating car knowing that carrying around more people is an eventual possibility.

Reversing Cameras

When you have a small baby or toddler, then you obviously want to be as careful as possible when backing up into your garage or driveway. This is especially important when your child is at the learning to crawl or walk stage. If there's even the small possibility that babies walk around your car, you will want to keep track of them when reversing, but this can be hard to do with just a rearview mirror. Reversing cameras make it easier to pay close attention to what is behind you every time with their comprehensive views. These reversing cameras are excellent for preventing any major accidents when small kids run around your driveway.

Child Booster Seat Compatibility

Many new cars come with the option of child booster seat compatibility to ensure safety of children during long drives, while ensuring that they stay comfortable throughout. Choose booster seats with side wings for impact protection on the sides. You'll also want seats with adjustable padding for greater comfort during the drive. While integrated child booster seats may be available in some models, it may be more prudent to simply choose a compatible car because your child is likely to grow out of an integrated seat quickly. A booster seat compatible car enables you to replace the child seat when your kid grows out of it more easily.

If you're looking for new cars as a parent or expectant parent, consider these baby-friendly features to make smart decisions.

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